Buckley Is A Busy Boy
(Paperback Spanish Version)

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Written by

Susan H Hines


Sketch Profs



Buckley Is A Busy Boy Join in on the adventures of Buckley, the Standard Schnauzer. He learns healthy routines, explores the outdoors, and learns the meaning of family.


Book Title Buckley is a Busy Boy
PaperBack $9.99
Author Susan H Hines
ISBN (97)8-1-7373462-9-6
Edition Language Spanish
Dimensions 8.25×6
Date Published September 21st 2022
Publisher Sketch Profs

10 reviews for Buckley Is A Busy Boy
(Paperback Spanish Version)

  1. Lisa B

    Perfect read for little ones (and adults too 🙂)! Vibrant colors and scenes are life-filled. Buckley does a lot!! So it gives great variety of fun and gives opportunity to share and laugh and compare to our own lives….engaging! Overall, it definitely gives a piece of happiness to take away!

  2. Meshia Bean

    I love this book I love schnauzers I sent this book to my nephew and he loves it as well I can tell that Buckley is a very smart and intelligent dogI’m sure he thinks he is a human boy😂“Buckley Is A Busy Boy”

  3. Cincinnati

    What a great book! I sent this book to my friends grandchild and he loved it. I then purchased the book so I could read it and it made me smile while reading it. What a great book to purchase. This book is a great gift for any child or adult reading the book. I will now give the book to my neighbors son to read.

  4. RS

    My son loves dogs and this book was so fun for him to read. Now he wants a dog like Buckley.

  5. Amazon Customer

    This book is great for kids and the illustrations are very nice.

  6. swoods67

    I purchased this book for a friend who just had their first grand baby, and will be buying another one to put in my hope chest for my future grand baby! I love how the author tells the story of Buckley, it’s so life-like, it makes you feel like you are there with him! I can’t wait for future editions!

  7. GenevaFlyer

    It’s a great book for all the dog loving kids out there. The illustrations are very nice, even on a paperwhite Kindle.Definitely worth recommending!

  8. Patricia

    Buckley’s story is cute and interesting! It gives you a vision into the day and life of a real dog with a great personality! The illustration is bright and beautiful! I read this book with my niece and we read it at least 6 or 7 times the day I gave it to her! She loves it! I also gifted it to a few of my friends with children and now Buckley is their new favorite character! All points for Auntie PJ!

  9. Sydney Grace

    Buckley is such a fun, cute read to add to your child’s home or school library.

  10. Lola E. Peart

    Enjoy listening to my grandkids explaining Buckley busy day . Do hope the author will make a series of books on Sir Buckley.

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