Buckley Is A Busy Boy
(Audio Book)

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Written by

Susan H Hines


Sketch Profs



Buckley Is A Busy Boy Join in on the adventures of Buckley, the Standard Schnauzer. He learns healthy routines, explores the outdoors, and learns the meaning of family.


Book Title Buckley is a Busy Boy
Audio Book $14.99
Author Susan H Hines
ISBN (97)8-1-7373462-9-6
Edition Language English
Date Published September 21st 2022
Publisher Sketch Profs

14 reviews for Buckley Is A Busy Boy
(Audio Book)

  1. Patricia

    Buckley’s story is cute and interesting! It gives you a vision into the day and life of a real dog with a great personality! The illustration is bright and beautiful! I read this book with my niece and we read it at least 6 or 7 times the day I gave it to her! She loves it! I also gifted it to a few of my friends with children and now Buckley is their new favorite character! All points for Auntie PJ!

  2. Herhighness56

    Jesus said you must become as a little Child, that is what Susan Hines has done to reach the Heart ❤️ of the Children.

  3. Sydney Grace

    Buckley is such a fun, cute read to add to your child’s home or school library.

  4. swoods67

    I purchased this book for a friend who just had their first grand baby, and will be buying another one to put in my hope chest for my future grand baby! I love how the author tells the story of Buckley, it’s so life-like, it makes you feel like you are there with him! I can’t wait for future editions!

  5. Meshia Bean

    I love this book I love schnauzers I sent this book to my nephew and he loves it as well I can tell that Buckley is a very smart and intelligent dogI’m sure he thinks he is a human boy😂“Buckley Is A Busy Boy”

  6. Dorica Cunningham

    This children’s book is so cute. Loving the day in the life of Sir Buckley. This book would be enjoyable for children of all ages. What’s next for Sir Winston Buckley?

  7. RS

    My son loves dogs and this book was so fun for him to read. Now he wants a dog like Buckley.

  8. GenevaFlyer

    It’s a great book for all the dog loving kids out there. The illustrations are very nice, even on a paperwhite Kindle.Definitely worth recommending!

  9. frommybigeyes

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     I enjoyed reading this book. There are so many life lessons. It is great for teaching young readers how to have simple fun. It gives a demonstration to kids about life and responsibility. The book is filled with beautiful and colorful illustrations. The best part is watching the reaction on the faces of little ones. They enjoyed watching Buckley doing things like playing and digging for bones. Make sure you get this book for your child. Susan has done an excellent job making the book relatable to children as well as adults.

  10. Cincinnati

    What a great book! I sent this book to my friends grandchild and he loved it. I then purchased the book so I could read it and it made me smile while reading it. What a great book to purchase. This book is a great gift for any child or adult reading the book. I will now give the book to my neighbors son to read.

  11. Lisa B

    Perfect read for little ones (and adults too 🙂)! Vibrant colors and scenes are life-filled. Buckley does a lot!! So it gives great variety of fun and gives opportunity to share and laugh and compare to our own lives….engaging! Overall, it definitely gives a piece of happiness to take away!

  12. Adrian A Woolcock

    Enjoyed by the kids

  13. Amazon Customer

    This book is great for kids and the illustrations are very nice.

  14. Lola E. Peart

    Enjoy listening to my grandkids explaining Buckley busy day . Do hope the author will make a series of books on Sir Buckley.

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