Exploring Life with Buckley: 2 Books for Kids to Read in the USA

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In today’s world, where children are exposed to screens and hyperactive music, it is crucial that parents encourage their children to develop a love for reading and books. That is why Susan H. Hines, an author and publisher, has dedicated her career to creating engaging children’s books that not only entertain but also educate and inspire young minds. Her Buckley series features a fun-loving pup who explores life and his surroundings through exploration, making it the best book for kids to read in the USA.

Here’s a guide to help your children explore life with Buckley.

2 Must-Read Books for Kids to Read in the USA

Buckley, a Schnauzer, is a fun-loving, imaginative character in the world of children’s stories who loves to explore the outdoors, learn new things, and experience thrilling adventures. Here are two must-read books for Kids to Read in the USA from the Buckley series.

1.     Buckley is a Busy Boy

Buckley’s world is full of adventures that this Schnauzer looks forward to as soon she wakes up. From the moment he wakes up, Buckley loves everything that requires exploring.

A character focused on learning through exploration; this pup loves to imagine new endings to each day of his life. From having a routine such as waking up, having his breakfast, playing in the backyard, and digging holes everywhere to find a bone to loving soap and bubbles and everything in between, this pup loves routine, family, and adventure more than anything else.

Why Is This a Must-Read?

The book helps young kids learn the importance of having an everyday routine, demonstrating having fun with a little bit of responsibility.  With captivating and vibrant illustrations, engaging storytelling, and interactive reading activities tick all the boxes, making it the best book for kids to read in the USA for children aged five and up.

2.     Buckley’s Family Fishing Trip

A sequel to ‘Buckley is a Busy Boy,’ this book especially focuses on an adventure outside of his home, along with his best friend and big brother Ralphel, as they head out to Grandpa’s favorite fishing hole.

This story captures Buckely’s excitement and problem-solving skills as he solves the mystery of finding the bait for the fishing trip before time runs out!

The story is more than just a fishing tale showing that fishing isn’t just about catching the biggest, best fish but about the time you spend with family and friends. Definitely a book for kids to read in the USA.

Why Is This a Must-Read?

This storybook is a great adventure book that helps children overcome challenges that come their way, teaches them the importance of planning and patience, and, most importantly, introduces them to the art of fishing and how much fun and adventure it can be.

Why Susan Created the Buckley Series?

The inspiration behind the Buckley series stemmed from a deeply personal experience in Susan’s own family. Here’s how this award-winning series came into being:

1.     Welcoming Buckley into the Family

In 2020, Susan welcomed a new addition to her family in the form of a lively puppy amidst the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Yes, Buckley is her family’s very own doggo. This puppy, a member of a medium litter and the last to be chosen, had remarkable qualities of strength, intelligence, and curiosity from a very young age. Introducing this puppy to her grandson not only brought joy and companionship but also catalyzed a transformation in her grandson’s life.

2.     Building the Connection with Grandson

Despite her grandson’s inherent intelligence, he struggled with reading skills. Seeking to provide him with a source of connection and excitement, Susan crafted stories featuring the adventurous Schnauzer Buckley. Through Buckley’s escapades and exploration, Susan aimed to create relatable narratives that would capture her grandson’s imagination and instill a love for reading. Apart from that, she knew it was the ideal book for kids to read in the USA.

3.     Positive Influence of Buckley

Since the release of the Buckley series, Susan’s grandson has flourished academically, becoming an A/B student and a leader in his class. His reading skills have significantly improved, and he now eagerly anticipates each new adventure featuring his beloved dog companion. Susan’s dedication to her grandson’s growth and development through storytelling underscores her commitment to empowering young readers with engaging, meaningful literature.

End Note

With TJP Publications’ Buckley series, parents and educators not only get exciting stories but also corresponding activity books and coloring books that foster real-life exploration skills, teaching their kids imaginative play and creative thinking abilities.

So why wait? These books for kids to read in the USA offer something for every young reader to enjoy. Dive into the magical world of Buckley and his friends today and unlock the joy of reading for the children in your life. Buy them here!

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